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Haha just kidding I am never exciting.

Hi, folks. Commissions and whatnots are closed for now. I have approximately ten bajillion things to do for work, so any new art is likely just stuff I want to do for fun.
Pretty much inane stuff but whatever.!/PokketMowse

Just send me a note!

After discussing your piece through e-mail and settling on a price, I will provide you a watermarked/clipped sketch. After I have confirmed that payment is received, the full piece will be released.
I will not mail prints as of yet, but I will provide print-ready resolution digital copies.
I consider my specialty to be detail work and price accordingly. If you request something particularly simple, other pricing may apply. Case by case basis.

(All pricing in US dollars. I do not accept pounds, pesos, goats or seashells)
Transactions will be handled by PayPal. If PayPal is not available, other methods of payment can possibly be arranged.

Sketchwork- $10
Black & White clean- $20
Flatcolor- $40
Fully Shaded- $60
With Backgrounds- $80

Special- There are some pieces I cannot put a price to here. If you wish an environment piece, special assets or something just plain nutty elaborate, pricing will be decided on by particular piece details.

You will retain the copyright to your character and I will retain copyright to the work I do of that character. Do not resell or redistribute. Commissions will be displayed on my galleries unless there are objections. Please give credit where credit is due.
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I am very excited. Beginning next year I am starting a new job as a concept artist for a video game company. Due to a nondisclosure agreement of sorts, I'm not going to name names yet...but with the history of those in this company I am very very excited for this new opportunity.

I am also moving to Los Angeles this very month. Also of note is my new apartment, which is extremely nice. We are basically packing everything we can into our cars and driving across the continent. It's both exciting and intimidating at once.

Though Christmas will have to wait, it is more important that the new year will be starting soon. With it comes new opportunities and I'm sure new crazy challenges and panic-inducing obstacles.

I cannot wait.
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